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How to resize logos for your email signature

The size of your email signature is more important than you might think. There are tons of ways you can design one to optimise this small yet effective marketing tool.
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Examples of professional email signatures

12 Professional email signature examples: Best practice & top tips

Want to learn how to make a professional email signature that will stand out? Check out our essential business email signature templates and tips here.
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Star Partner Program - Rocketseed

7 reasons to join Rocketseed’s email signatures partner program

Increase your margins and add value for your customers with email signatures for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Find out more about the Rocketseed Star Partner Program.
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Email Signature Manager vs Email Signature Generator

7 key differences between an Email Signature Generator and an Email Signature Manager… which is best for your business?

Do you need an email Signature Generator or an Email Signature Manager? These 7 key differences will help you choose the best email signature solution for your business.
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7 Reasons to use Email Signature Marketing

7 ‘romantic’ reasons your customers will love you for using email signature marketing

To make sure your customers are really feeling the love, here’s 7 ‘romantic‘ reasons to kindle that glow inside that comes from seeing real results from a creative, cost-effective campaign that your customers...
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Best business email signature for 2021

5 ways to get the best email signature for 2021

Is your email signature up to the challenges ahead? Remote-working staff, retaining your customer base, driving sales and boosting your brand profile? That's why, for 2021 you need the best business email signature...
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What is an HTML email signature, and how do I design one?

HTML signature generators seem common, but what are HTML email signatures and do you need a template tool, drag-and-drop editor or bespoke design?
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Professionalism in PJ’s. Musings from a remote-working Rocketseed newbie

What a time to start my new email signature software sales job! Remote working, the Covid-stricken business world changing by the day, and effective email signature management more important than ever...
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Thanks to our customers, Rocketseed has bloomed in the Covid gloom

More than ever, the Covid crisis has made me really appreciate our loyal customer community, our tireless Rocketseed team and the robustness of our product. Our customers have embraced new ways to use email...
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7 ways your email signatures can meet the challenges of remote working

Does your team working together in the same office feel like a distant memory? Now with your staff working remotely, there’s a whole new set of challenges to face.
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gmail tips tricks and productivity hacks

101+ Gmail tips, tricks and productivity hacks

We compiled a list of over 100 tips, tricks and hacks for Gmail to maximise your productivity. Making sending, reading and managing emails easier, saving an incredible amount of time.
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COVID-19 Update: Rocketseed has your back

We know that it’s important for you to feel re-assured that your email is still flowing with signatures and branding - ensuring your company compliance measures and brand integrity...
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Digital Brand Strategy meets Email Signature Marketing

Email Signature Marketing introduced into prestigious Digital Brand Strategy Course

We're proud to be recognised as a key contributor to the new Digital Brand Strategy course material at The IIE’s Vega School, which emphasises the engagement potential of branding employee email...
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What makes Rocketseed email signature software so secure?

Over the last year we’ve been doing a lot of listening. And when we’ve asked you what your priorities are when it comes to email signature software, it turns out that email signature security is a hot topic...
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Add Stardust to your Office 365 email signatures… ‘AD Sync Boost’ launched!

We like to have fun and with the name Rocketseed we’re definitely allowed to make references and puns related to anything space related! That being said, the latest release of our ‘Ad Sync Boost’ tool...
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