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Technical Questions I’m Asked Daily…

During a typical Rocketseed sales process, some of the frequently asked technical questions I get asked all the time… Q1. Why should I trust Rocketseed with my outbound emails? Q2. That sounds all well and good, but isn't it spam at the end of the day?
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Damian takes New York

Rocketseed’s CEO, Damian Hamp-Adams, recently went stateside for a whirlwind week of New York networking, Chicago schmoozing and transatlantic ‘tech-ambassadoring’ with the Mayor of London’s Go To Grow international business programme......
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Rocketseed is off to the States with the London Mayor

We’re all very excited at Rocketseed HQ as CEO, Damian Hamp Adams is off on a trade mission to New York and Chicago with the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan! Earlier this year we were chosen as one of 52 London scale-ups to join the second cohort of The Mayor’s International Business Programme. It’s a 12-month programme that supports high-growth businesses reach their ambitions......
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How Can We Make Email Fashionable Again?

According to the DMA* 92% of us still use email as ‘the bedrock’ of our marketing programmes. But somehow it's lost its pizazz in favour of the new kids on the shiny social media block. How can we make email fashionable again?
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Do You Trust your Vendor’s Email Click Rates?

One of the most powerful features of email marketing software is the ability to add graphical banners to each outbound email sent by your employees. These banners can contain hyperlinks that take visitors to landing pages....
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7 Reasons Why You Need A Dedicated Account Manager

Every business should be branding its everyday email. Why? Because branded interactive banners and signatures on every email your business sends immediately...
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I Want That “Fuzzy Marketing” Feeling …

I am not a dataset. I‘m not just a customer. I don’t want to be targeted. I want to be understood and treated like a nuanced, unpredictable, imprecise human being. And I love creative, relevant and engaging marketing messages (especially on Rocketseed-branded emails) ......
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7 Email Branding Tips To Drive Customer Engagement

Did you know…the average employee sends up to 105 emails per day!
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Does Max Kantelia Know How To Break Into Asia?

One of the most valuable benefits of being part of the London Mayor’s ‘Go To Grow’ International Business Programme is the opportunity to hear world-class business...
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Go to Grow Hub

Keen To Get ‘Going’ … And ‘Growing’

From the moment I found out about Go To Grow – the Mayor’s International Business Programme ‘Supporting the Global Growth Ambition of London Businesses’ – I knew...
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‘Less Is More’. We Test The Cliché (And A Few Others)

Less is more. It may be true of modernist architecture and perfume etiquette but marketing? How can brand profile be raised and potential customers engaged when....
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Solid Customer service from Nestle

SOLID Customer Service. Quite Literally.

No matter the size of a company, excellent customer service should be a number one priority. Especially when statistics suggest a 60% profit increase from those...
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Eliminating Homelessness, One Shine at a Time…

Yesterday I met the definition of the modern gentleman who wants to make a difference.  Tom Beecroft is the founder of The Jaunty Flaneur.  The term Flaneur is defined as...
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What makes us click - hub

What Makes Us Click?

Make sure you pick the right colour for your call to action.  There’s no magic colour that converts better than others so pick one that contrasts and compliments.....
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DMA Awards Rewardingly hard to win

“Rewardingly hard to win”…And extremely pleasing to judge #DMAawards

On behalf of Rocketseed, I was delighted to have been invited as a guest judge for this year’s DMA awards.
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