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A chalkboard with the text "WARM FUZZY FEELINGS are allowed Thank you".

I Want That “Fuzzy Marketing” Feeling …

I am not a dataset. I‘m not just a customer. I don’t want to be targeted. I want to be understood and treated like a nuanced, unpredictable, imprecise human being. And I love creative, relevant and engaging marketing messages (especially on Rocketseed-branded emails) ......
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7 Email Branding Tips To Drive Customer Engagement

Did you know…the average employee sends up to 105 emails per day!
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A beautiful pink sunset over a city skyline with modern skyscraper buildings.

Does Max Kantelia Know How To Break Into Asia?

One of the most valuable benefits of being part of the London Mayor’s ‘Go To Grow’ International Business Programme is the opportunity to hear world-class business...
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Go to Grow Hub

Keen To Get ‘Going’ … And ‘Growing’

From the moment I found out about Go To Grow – the Mayor’s International Business Programme ‘Supporting the Global Growth Ambition of London Businesses’ – I knew...
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Icon showing an equal sign between two arrows.

‘Less Is More’. We Test The Cliché (And A Few Others)

Less is more. It may be true of modernist architecture and perfume etiquette but marketing? How can brand profile be raised and potential customers engaged when....
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Solid Customer service from Nestle

SOLID Customer Service. Quite Literally.

No matter the size of a company, excellent customer service should be a number one priority. Especially when statistics suggest a 60% profit increase from those...
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A close-up shot of the toes of a pair of black dress shoes on a cloth that has "The Jaunty Flaneur" printed onto it twice.

Eliminating Homelessness, One Shine at a Time…

Yesterday I met the definition of the modern gentleman who wants to make a difference.  Tom Beecroft is the founder of The Jaunty Flaneur.  The term Flaneur is defined as...
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What makes us click - hub

What Makes Us Click?

Make sure you pick the right colour for your call to action.  There’s no magic colour that converts better than others so pick one that contrasts and compliments.....
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DMA Awards Rewardingly hard to win

“Rewardingly hard to win”…And extremely pleasing to judge #DMAawards

On behalf of Rocketseed, I was delighted to have been invited as a guest judge for this year’s DMA awards.
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Customer Service

What percentage of customers switch companies due to poor customer service?

Have a guess. Higher. A shocking 66% percent of customer’s switch companies or service provider due to poor customer...
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A sticky note with a pin through the top, with the words "5 top tips" written on.

5 top tips to create the perfect email signature

An email signature is a vital part of your everyday emails, as it not only provides the recipient with your contact details, but also portrays your company’s brand and.....
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A laptop with the Google Apps and Office 365 logos on the screen.

New trend is moving companies to Office 365 and Google Apps

This blog will not surprise many people as it is discussing a clear trend in the world of email Transport Agents. Microsoft particularly...
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A graphic of a woman working at a desktop computer, with an email interface on the screen.

7 ways to create business opportunities using your email signature

There is always that one email that lands in your inbox giving you signature envy, the design and layout...
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A word cloud with the words "BIG DATA" at the centre.

How relevant is your business data?

In marketing terms, how does a company cut through the noise, target individuals that have an interest in their service, but will also identify and remember their brand...
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Five different icons: a person, a magnifying glass, a graph, and a scale, repeated in a grid of 4X5 squares.

Rocketseed deploys next generation server monitoring

Email is probably the most critical communication medium for any organization and one of the main priorities for the Rocketseed technical team is to deliver a.....
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