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Two feet standing in a wide-legged position, with the bottom of a cape visible.

Rocketseed to the rescue – how we saved Easter from Drupalgeddon2!

It seems to happen this way - Easter weekend (or any other long weekend break) - some of us plan activities, some plan to move home and some…
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The words "POPI & Email Marketing a match made in a database" over a graphic blue & grey background.

3 things we learned about POPI & email marketing

Rocketseed SA recently hosted “POPI & Email Marketing: a match made in a database”. The seminar featured experts from the legal, risk and marketing sectors. The objective was to...
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GDPR: Your data’s safe with Rocketseed

GDPR is nearly here. And Rocketseed is ready. GDPR is everywhere. Personal data protection has become the hot topic amongst one-to-one marketers and far beyond. Why? Because it’s...
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A close up of a keyboard with a red heart on one key.

Get ready to fall in love with email (all over again)

Email was and always will be marketers’ first (digital) love, and it’s turning more heads today than ever before. It has revolutionised the way in which marketing...
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The words "Tell Us How We're Doing", each contained in a colourful speech bubble.

How are you doing? Find out with every email

Everyone knows great customer service goes a long way. And there’s really only one way to measure your service quality – and that’s to ask, and listen to, your customers...
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A graphic of a pot of gold.

Email branding alchemy for agencies: 5 golden rules

In their ceaseless search for shiny new marketing channels to promote their clients, many marketing agencies are overlooking a truly ‘golden’ oldie – their clients’ everyday employee email...
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7 signs your email signature needs a New Year service

We’d be very surprised - and slightly worried if sorting out your email signature was at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list. But once you’ve started your new fad diet, joined the gym...
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Cut through the clichés this Christmas…

It’s the month of Christmas clichés - tinsel, turkey, trees and toys. And your business brain is baffled - how to cut through all the noise? Rocketseed’s the answer – just keep reading through this rhyme...
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A white question mark in quotation marks over a textured blackboard background.

To quote, or not to quote? That is the email signature question…

Whether you’re a student just starting uni or college, or you’re a recent graduate entering the job-hunting jungle, the old saying still holds true – first impressions count...
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A close up of hands typing at a keyboard.

Email Signatures for College and University Students

Whether you’re a student just starting uni or college, or you’re a recent graduate entering the job-hunting jungle, the old saying still holds true – first impressions count...
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Is your everyday business email really designed to do business?

As corporations become more and more aware of the importance of email signatures and email disclaimers, so they’re now also...
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A selection hand hovers over a link titled "Spam (254)".

Onliner spambot leaks 711,000,000 email addresses. Are you on the list?

Onliner Spambot, one of the largest spambot’s ever seen has recently been uncovered by a Paris-based security researcher known as...
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The 'at' symbol made from hundreds-and-thousands sprinkles on a turquoise background.

Is email beauty only screen-deep?

They say looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to email, it looks surprisingly like they might be. Why do I say this? Am I shallow and superficial when it comes to email signatures or think that an...
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A man in a shirt, tie and suit pants walks a tightrope made of metal chain links, with a city skyline in the background.

5 ways email meets B2B marketing challenges

B2B marketing has always thrown up its own set of patience-testing challenges. From reaching the right-decision makers to nurturing prospects through an often long and complex sales process...
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A piece of paper on a metal hook, with the words "Username" and "Password" written on it.

Are You A Victim of Email Whaling?

Whaling, commonly known as spear-phishing is now targeting many business executives such as CEO’s, CFO’s and CTO’s. While a regular phishing attack attempts to maliciously steal a user’s sensitive...
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