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Supermax: Achieves 29% Banner Engagement with Bold Nitrile Glove Banner

Supermax: 29% Engagement with Bold Nitrile Glove Email Banner

Discover how Supermax Healthcare achieved consistent, compliant company email signatures and a 29% banner engagement rate for its Aurelia nitrile gloves range.

An example of Supermax (Aurelia Gloves) professional business email signature and email banner


Supermax Healthcare Limited is a subsidiary of Supermax Corporation Berhad, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of disposable examination gloves, with 9 global divisions and exporting to over 160 countries. Supermax Healthcare UK and Europe began using Rocketseed in 2018, with the platform being compatible with their email client, Microsoft 365. This case study focuses on how the company’s Aurelia Gloves division uses Rocketseed to promote its brand and products.


  • Prior to using Rocketseed, Supermax was reliant on its staff editing their own signatures, which caused misalignment, differences in message and brand inconsistencies both within each division and across the group.
  • It also required a significant investment in time spent on communicating signature guidelines and changes, and then supporting staff in the implementation process.
  • Furthermore marketing opportunities were being missed owing to the signatures not utilizing marketing banner functionality to run campaigns across every employee email.


Rocketseed enabled Supermax to overcome the challenges of time-consuming and inconsistent email signatures by centralizing its email signature management.

  • A centrally-created, tamper-proof email signature template was implemented for each division to ensure consistent branding on all employee emails, with any division- or company-wide updates being made centrally and instantly.
  • With the company’s marketing team now in central control, the Supermax’s email signatures could easily be managed to be always on-brand for each division, in-line with business objectives and supporting the company’s sales and marketing strategy.
  • The Aurelia Gloves division email signature was designed to make use of the striking pink in the brand’s color palette, featuring a strong brand identity, clear contact information and links to the aureliagloves.co.uk website and social media profiles. Importantly the email signature template also includes the brand’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) accreditations.
  • Supermax also utilized Rocketseed’s dynamic email disclaimer functionality, adding legal disclaimers to all employee emails to aid confidentiality and copyright protection and compliance.

Supermax also benefits from Rocketseed’s email signature marketing functionality.

  • The ability to promote multiple products on multiple email marketing banners is especially useful for Supermax and has resulted in high engagement.
  • Rocketseed is central to the company’s marketing communications strategy, from launching and driving awareness of new products to keeping target audiences informed of any operational business changes, tradeshows and seasonal holiday events with corresponding office closure dates.
  • One Aurelia Gloves email banner was designed to further build brand awareness of their Aurelia Bold gloves range – the company’s most popular nitrile gloves – highlighting their 5mil nitrile composition and superior protection and tensile strength. Simple imagery and the use of branding, icons and text in striking pink and white against a dark grey background, gave the banner immediate, eye-catching impact.


  • The company finds the Rocketseed platform extremely user friendly, and makes full use of its advanced analytics and reporting functionality, including monthly data reports, for insights into what their customers are looking for and interested in.
  • As a success example, in a single month, the Aurelia Bold email signature banner campaign had 345 clicks (to the company’s website and social media profiles), having reached 1,181 unique recipients, resulting in an extremely positive 29.2% engagement rate.
Supermax Aurelia Gloves Email Signature and Marketing Case Study

UK and Europe

Healthcare products

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“I can highly recommend Rocketseed and the platform – from data and insights to the easy-to-use platform. It gives us the opportunity to align and promote our business message regardless of department, whether it is the launch of a new product, an operational change, or a tradeshow we are attending. Having the ability to showcase multiple products and messages at once, without having a stagnant, fixed, and un-engageable signature is really valuable.”

Jak Cater
Group Marketing Manager
Supermax Healthcare Limited

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