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Racing ahead: Brooklands hotel accelerates its email signature marketing with 12.7% email banner engagement.

Brooklands Hotel: Accelerating email signature marketing with 12.7% email banner engagement.

Rich in motor racing heritage, the luxury Brooklands Hotel chose Rocketseed to help it achieve consistently branded staff email signatures and drive extra guest engagement through email banner campaigns.

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Situated in Weybridge, Surrey, just 20 minutes from London, Brooklands Hotel is an independent, 4-star luxury hotel that nestles in the heart of the Brooklands Estate, home to the world-famous historic motor racing track. Its art deco-inspired interior and award-winning restaurant pay homage to the golden age of racing of the 1920s and 30s, whilst its luxurious rooms, suites, conference and spa facilities give guests up-to-the-minute modern amenities. In delivering its unique experience, the Brooklands Hotel prides itself on its personality, individuality, and an unparalleled level of service.


Before using Rocketseed, each member of Brooklands Hotel staff could edit their own email signature, resulting in inconsistent messaging across the team’s signatures. Additionally, they lacked the control to centralise timing management of marketing campaigns that could be coordinated to align with the hotel’s critical business objectives.


With the key aims of centrally controlling their staff email signatures for consistent branding and coordinating marketing campaigns, Brooklands Hotel chose Rocketseed’s ‘Campaign’ email signature marketing solution.

Centrally-controlled email signatures

With centralised signature management, all staff signatures were easily brought consistently on brand from the web interface, without any staff involvement.

The Brooklands Hotel team’s signatures were created with a clean design with clear contact details and feature the brand logos of both the hotel and its 1907 restaurant. The email signature design also includes a number of opportunities for interaction via hotel and restaurant website links as well as the full range of the hotel’s social media channels.

The essential driver of email signature engagement is a clear, clickable call-to-action button and Brooklands Hotel uses this opportunity to encourage recipients to purchase gift vouchers.

Awards & Accreditations exposure

The hotel also maximises the use of its email signature space to showcase its awards and accreditations, most notably the two AA rosettes awarded to its 1907 restaurant, bar and grill and its Greengage ECOsmart Gold Award, reflecting the extensive measures the hotel takes to fully embrace environmental sustainability.

Email marketing banner campaigns

Brooklands Hotel makes full use of Rocketseed’s Campaign email banner marketing functionality, running year-round strategic marketing banners as well as more tactical short-term ones. These are applied to the appropriate departments’ outgoing emails (reservations, events etc.) and automated to run to a campaign schedule set out in the hotel’s marketing communications plan.

Noting that Rocketseed’s design services are very competitively priced, Brooklands Hotel’s marketers are now able to have a bank of email marketing banners to rotate throughout the year as well as getting seasonal, event and promotion banners designed efficiently. Example email signature banners include:

  • Black Card membership Campaign. This email banner campaign is designed to encourage recipients to ‘find out more’ about the hotel’s Black Card which offers members over £1,000 worth of benefits including spa passes with free treatment, meeting room hire, a meal for two and private dining. Clicking on the banner’s call-to action button takes recipients direct to the explanatory membership content and sign-up form on the hotel’s website.

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  • Win a Barcelona Trip Promotion. As a tactical event-booking promotion, the Brooklands Hotel ran email banners offering recipients the chance to win a 3 night stay in Barcelona when booking any event above a certain value. Again, the interactive call-to-action button made it easy for recipients to click-through to ‘find out more’ with all the relevant promotion content on the hotel’s website.

Email Legal Disclaimers

Rocketseed’s centrally-controlled email disclaimer functionality was also new to the Brooklands Hotel team and now gives them another level of compliance, confidentiality and brand protection on every email.


As well as the clear result of all Brooklands Hotel staff email signatures being brought consistently-on-brand – and the efficiency of being able to manage all signatures centrally with Rocketseed – the performance of the email banner marketing campaigns could also be measured precisely.

The Black Card membership campaign received the highest click-through engagement of 12.7%, ranking as the hotel’s top-performing banner for Q2 2023. This banner has been in use for multiple years, being regularly revamped and enjoying consistently high engagement. With Rocketseed’s advanced analytics and reporting – and seamless integration with Google Analytics – the Brooklands Hotel team is not only able to track every recipient engagement in real-time but can also accurately measure each campaign’s return on investment.

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Surrey, UK


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By centralising everything to ensure consistent company-wide signatures, coordinated marketing campaigns and creative, cost-effective design, Rocketseed makes email branding very simple!”

Ceri Richardson
Head of Sales & Marketing

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