Rocketseed Cloud: Launch Unlimited Branded Emails with our Faster, Flexible Servers

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses must adapt and innovate to stay ahead. Rocketseed Cloud is here to boost your branded email delivery with cutting-edge technology, ensuring your messages reach their intended recipients and make a lasting impact.

The Most Technically Advanced Software Rocketseed Has Ever Developed

Rocketseed Cloud is future-proofing your email signature architecture. We’re bringing super servers to supercharge your branded email delivery, no matter how many business emails you’re sending, with as many attachments as you want, from any number of users, from any device, perfectly branded and immediately delivered. Rocketseed Cloud delivers one-to-one email at any scale. Our industry-leading 24/7 support is the one thing not changing, as it’s already the best in the business. 

Supercharged Email Signature Performance and Security

Rocketseed Cloud uses modern cloud architecture to ensure increased performance and exceptional reliability. With our new servers, you will experience faster email signature and banner processing, higher server speeds, and 99.9% uptime, significantly improving your business’s efficiency. The built-in redundancy provided by Azure’s infrastructure ensures enhanced data protection and adherence to strict compliance standards, including ISO 27001

Our local server deployment will ensure that your data is handled within your jurisdiction, providing faster service and compliance with regional regulations, such as HIPAA or GDPR. Security is Rocketseed’s top priority; with quicker updates and adherence to relevant compliance standards, Rocketseed Cloud will ensure your branded emails are always secure.

Effortless Email Scalability and Infinite Growth Potential

Rocketseed Cloud is designed with scalability at the core, allowing your email infrastructure to grow effortlessly with your business. The architecture supports infinite scaling of mail flow without any intervention, meaning if 500 senders send huge attachments simultaneously, there will be no slowdown of services and continued instant delivery.

The micro-services architecture allows us to scale individual server components based on specific needs, ensuring optimal resource use without compromising performance. This flexibility also means easier future integrations thanks to Azure’s extensive feature set.

Agility and Enhanced Email Signature User Experience Like Never Before

One of Rocketseed Cloud’s key benefits is the flexibility it brings to development and deployment. Independent service development and deployment enable us to roll out updates quicker without affecting the overall service. This optimization ensures a smooth user experience, with faster completion of tasks like Active Directory Sync and rapid loading of reports.

Rock-Solid Reliability And Easy Maintenance Of All Email Signatures

Rocketseed Cloud’s micro-services architecture ensures that an issue in one area does not impact any part of the broader system, maintaining operational continuity. This fault isolation means your email services remain robust and reliable, even in the face of potential issues.

Additionally, the isolated testing and focused maintenance of micro-services simplify updates and enhancements, reducing the risk of system-wide downtime. This ensures your email signature infrastructure remains up-to-date and efficient without disrupting your daily operations.

Rocketseed Email signature Marketing

Seamless Support With Unmatched 24/7 Support

Rocketseed Cloud is designed to be seamless and stress-free, as is our industry-leading 24/7 support. Our 100% human, dedicated tech team is always a phone call away, ensuring your experience is smooth and dealt with in a human way, the foundation of all Rocketseed’s interactions. 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business Email Communication with Rocketseed Cloud

With Rocketseed Cloud, you can future-proof your email signature architecture, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve. Experience the unparalleled benefits of enhanced performance, reliability, scalability, and security, and take your branded email communication to the next level.

Refreshing the Rocketseed brand: re-aligning with what our customers need…

We're refreshing our rebrand

(Why we’ve done it, what we’ve done, and what it means for you)

Something new is happening at Rocketseed – have you noticed?

If you’re a Rocketseed user, have explored our website, or simply seen our ads or social posts, you’ll see straight away that we’ve updated various aspects of our brand identity – both visual elements and messaging –  and our overall brand positioning (of course, if you’re new to Rocketseed, then it’s all new!). Why have we undertaken this brand refresh? I’ve outlined the reasons below. But first,  there’s one thing I want to make clear…

We’re refreshing the Rocketseed brand (not re-branding!)

Tech companies are notorious for meaningless, even damaging, vanity re-brands (you don’t need to look too far to find a host of high-profile examples!) that simply cause confusion amongst their customers. That’s not Rocketseed’s style. We’ve far too much recognition and trust even to consider rebranding. However, our research showed us that it’s the right time to refresh the Rocketseed brand in a way that reflects our new strategic direction and resonates with our customers by meeting their changing requirements and the challenges they face in a fast-moving marketplace.

Six Reasons why we’re refreshing the Rocketseed brand

What made us decide it was time for a brand refresh? Here are just some of the reasons…

Rocketseed is evolving. One thing’s for sure: no SaaS company ever succeeded by standing still! Rocketseed has always been on top of marketing trends, and the challenges companies face in a rapidly changing business world. Our brand refresh is simply the next stage in our evolution to meet our customers’ needs: to offer more personalized marketing via their busiest business comms channel – their everyday employee email.  

Rocketseed is repositioning. Why? To stand out from the commoditized email signature crowd. It’s time to take the brand in a new direction. Rocketseed has always been so much more than email signatures, and many of our customers find they get the maximum value from our targeted, personalized marketing capabilities with one-to-one email. It’s time to bring this to the front of our brand messaging as ‘one-to-one email marketing.’

Rocketseed has been listening. Our brand refresh isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision taken by an impulsive individual! It results from in-depth research amongst our customers, partners, and colleagues, asking them everything about their experience, perceptions, and understanding of the Rocketseed brand and their feelings towards it – even which brand colors they prefer! So we’d like to say thank you – everyone’s insights have been invaluable!

Rocketseed is growing. With an increased US presence, a growing partner network, and an exponentially expanding customer base, the excitement of new markets has led us to refresh our brand to align with our goals. ‘One-to-one email marketing at scale’ meets the needs of larger corporate clients and global multinationals, who can experience challenges in implementing large-scale email projects. It’s an area where we excel. Alongside this, our global offices can give Rocketseed users worldwide unrivaled customer service, 24 hours a day, wherever you may be. 

Rocketseed is innovating. For 20+ years, Rocketseed has been a pioneer in the email signature and branding space. Does our brand refresh reflect changes in the Rocketseed product? It does. We’ve got new products in the pipeline, and the refreshed brand provides the perfect backdrop for the innovations we’ll announce soon – stay tuned! 

Rocketseed is specializing. While companies of all sizes across the globe have successfully benefited from using our email signature management and marketing software, Rocketseed has always been an ideal solution for the largest regional, national, and multinational corporations. We understand and meet the specific marketing, technology, and organizational challenges that large companies face across specific sectors, ranging from hospitality, healthcare, and real estate to financial, legal, and logistics. That’s why ‘at scale’ is a focal part of our refreshed brand messaging. Large specialist organizations have specific needs we can address. 

Our core brand values haven’t changed… but our vision has!

Our brand refresh builds on Rocketseed’s established core values of trust, value, excellence, and stand-out customer service (that really is the best in the business!) Our product offer still includes best-in-class business email signatures, but our new vision brings one-to-one marketing to the fore. Rocketseed aims to be the leading one-to-one email marketing expert, empowering marketers, IT, and internal comms to build their brands and drive business performance through their busiest communication channel: email.

So what exactly is ‘one-to-one marketing at scale’?

We’ve written a whole article dedicated to explaining what one-to-one marketing at scale means. You can read a more in-depth summary here: (LINK TO ONE-TO-ONE BLOG POST)

Brand refresh of Rocketseed homepage

Why are we refreshing the Rocketseed brand now?

The time is right. We’ve analyzed the market trends, the marketing challenges that companies face, the commoditized nature of the competition, and customers’ ever-increasing expectations – they all point to it being the perfect time to refresh the Rocketseed brand. We’ve got something new to say, and now is the time to say it. Large companies’ customers expect ever more personalized experiences and communications, so the time is right for Rocketseed to give them ‘one-to-one email marketing at scale.’ 

What will the refreshed Rocketseed branding look like? What you’ll see

The Rocketseed brand refresh presented a creative challenge – how to visually communicate our new brand message in a new, clear, and memorable way whilst retaining the brand elements that are the basis of Rocketseed’s brand recognition and trusted reputation. This is the result, as you’ll see from our new website home page!

Where will you see it?

We’re rolling out our refreshed branding across all our global communications, so you’ll see the new look every time you engage with Rocketseed, whether that’s visiting our website, checking out our social media channels, watching one of our videos, or simply engaging with an eye-catching email banner. 

So now that you know why we’re refreshing the Rocketseed brand, how it will look, and what it will mean for you…

Tell us what you think

We’d love to know what you think of our brand refresh, so please get in touch and tell us. And if you’d like to see what Rocketseed ‘one-to-one email marketing at scale’ can do for your business, simply contact us to arrange a bespoke demo. 

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Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO
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What is One-to-One Email Marketing at Scale?

And why should we all incorporate it into our marketing mix?

What is one to one eamil branding.fw

The best things in life are one-to-one… picnics in the woods, the last dance of the night, the final battling throws of Monopoly, and email marketing!

You’ll find many companies wanting you to buy into a CRM or marketing system where they keep all your data and allow you to send out 1,000s of emails in one go with a personalized ‘name’ field. That’s email marketing, according to prevailing wisdom. 

Only it isn’t. 

Email marketing started with one person sending an email to another person offering their services. It’s become more complex over time. However, the aim of email marketing is still the same; only the scale has changed. With this change in scale came a whitewash of the concept of personal and almost obliviousness to the fact that, actually, your employees’ everyday standard emails are way more valuable real estate for a marketing message than something sent via a CRM. 

95% of businesses still use email as their prime mode of communication. One-to-one email marketing aims to provide businesses with an underserved but critical marketing tool that everyone seems to have overlooked in the furor of trying ‘everything new.’ The simple fact is getting the basics right is key. A brand is a company’s biggest asset, email is the largest communications channel most organizations have, and their own people are their biggest advocates. Yet most companies spend millions branding websites and social, while marketing to indistinct ‘audience segments’ on impersonal one-to-many channels, yet neglect direct, personal, and trusted email.

1,200 emails are sent by each individual every month. The possibility of making your brand shine and running trackable marketing campaigns directly in all of your employees’ emails should be the first thing any company does to achieve consistent, coherent brand representation.

As companies transition from generic marketing tactics to more personalized approaches, the importance of creating impactful customer experiences has never been more pronounced. Enter the game-changer that’s always been there: one-to-one email marketing at scale. But what exactly is it, and how can it revolutionize your business?

What is One-to-One Email Marketing at Scale?

One-to-one email marketing at scale gives you the unrivaled opportunity to bring together your greatest asset- your brand – with your strongest brand advocates – your staff – to reach your target audience through your busiest communication channel – your everyday business email.

To fully grasp the concept, let’s break it down into its three core components:


“One-to-One” – Personal Email Marketing from a Trusted Source

In today’s world, face-to-face interaction is increasingly uncommon. This is due to several factors, including the dominance of the internet and social media, as well as the increasing popularity of remote work. When it comes to marketing, it’s even more rare. Almost every platform you use for marketing is ‘one-to-many,’ meaning you get little say over who sees your ads, and as such, needing to apply to as broad an audience as possible in the hope they resonate. As a result, one-on-one communication has become more important than ever.One-to-one communication allows businesses to connect with their customers and prospects personally. It allows businesses to build relationships with their customers and to understand their needs and wants. Additionally, one-to-one communication can help businesses to build trust with their customers.

Employees are a business’s most valuable asset regarding one-to-one communication. Employees can send personal, private, and trusted emails directly to customers and prospects. This allows businesses to engage with their customers in a meaningful way. There is no other way to be as personal as this.

“Email Marketing” – A Different Beast from Bulkmail, with 99% Open Rate

While the term “email marketing” often conjures images of mass emails and newsletters, one-to-one email marketing is a different beast altogether. One-to-one email marketing is a more personalized form of email marketing that targets individual recipients with tailored messages. With engagement rates up to 70% higher than mass email campaigns, this approach sees open rates skyrocket to 99%, all without relying on cumbersome CRM bulk send-outs. This approach is more effective than mass email campaigns because it is more relevant to the recipient and is less likely to be seen as spam. One-to-one email marketing can be used to nurture leads, promote products or services, or simply stay in touch with customers. It can be a very effective way to increase engagement and sales. Needless to say, all the interesting functions like targeting, segmentation, A/B testing, and tracking are all still available. 

“At Scale” – Centralized Control Meets the Challenge of Company Size

Implementing this personalized strategy across a company, whether you have 50 or 50,000 employees, is no small feat. The prospect of keeping every employee email on-brand and featuring the correct marketing campaign messaging certainly sounds like a challenge. The solution, however, is simple. Rocketseed centralizes control of your company’s one-to-one email marketing, saving your IT team hundreds of hours and ensuring consistent branding and coordinated campaigns company-wide. Rocketseed has proven success across various international corporations and global brands, and it can scale to meet the needs of any business.

The Opportunity – fulfilling your customer’s needs

One-to-one email marketing at scale provides a plethora of opportunities. The primary objectives and benefits include:

Connect directly with customers: Email is the best tool for this because it’s direct and personal. We’re only advocating that companies use a channel that is already the best for this. 

Increase brand awareness: Brand visibility consistently in every interaction across the board. With your brand promise prominent in every business email, every one sent tells a part of your brand story.

Generate leads: Run direct campaigns and gauge interest immediately. No complicated attribution is needed. Run campaigns that resonate and drive direct response, which can help make the whole sales cycle more efficient, often leading to a shorter time for a conversion. 

Drive direct sales. Get purchase-ready recipients clicking through to your sales platform or special promotions. You can remove several barriers to direct purchase.

Increase customer loyalty: Segmented customer-specific messaging that focuses on customer needs without the sales messaging usually associated with one-to-all messaging. Reach customers with messaging that drives repeat business.

Improve customer satisfaction: Direct feedback and easy access to support through the easiest channel possible, no more frantic web searching for contact information.

Increase staff engagement: Motivate, train, and retain your staff via email ‘internal marketing.’ You can link internal emails directly to engagement surveys, intranets, or company updates. 

Key components of one-to-one email marketing at scale 

One-to-one email marketing at scale combines several features, all built to represent your brand best and to drive maximum engagement. 

Branded Email Signatures: Centrally create and manage professional email signatures to ensure consistent email branding company-wide and make every employee a brand ambassador.

Email Banner Marketing Campaigns: Create and run targeted, interactive banner campaigns on every email to increase engagement and make every employee an active marketer.

Reporting and Analytics: Track every recipient interaction and measure campaign success, seeing who clicks and who converts, and respond immediately to real-time alerts.

Beyond Email Signatures

Although email signatures are essential for branding, one-to-one email marketing at scale offers so much more. It turns every employee into an active marketer and brand ambassador, applicable across various departments and business sizes.

With one-to-one email marketing campaigns, you can target your messages based on the recipient’s interests, demographics, and even past purchases. This allows you to deliver more relevant and engaging content, which leads to higher click-through rates and conversions.


Who Can Benefit?

No matter what your company’s size or geographic location, one-to-one email marketing at scale is universally applicable. It’s especially beneficial in sectors where email communication is prevalent, such as finance, law, healthcare, hospitality, and real estate. Trusted by many large corporations, Rocketseed’s effectiveness is showcased through detailed client case studies and customer reviews.

Technical Requirements and Cost-Effectiveness

Rocketseed is compatible with all major email clients, including Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange. Regarding cost-effectiveness, centralized control, and high engagement rates make one-to-one email marketing a worthy investment.

Looking Forward

As we move towards more personalized and authentic forms of customer engagement, one-to-one email marketing at scale stands as a beacon of innovation. By embracing this strategy, businesses can look forward to sustained and meaningful success. 

Get Started

Ready to transform your everyday business email into a powerful marketing tool? Contact us to book a one-to-one Rocketseed demo and discover how your business can unleash the untapped potential of one-to-one email marketing.

So, why wait? Dive in and experience the revolution that is one-to-one email marketing at scale.

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Damian Hamp-Adams | CEO
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A new look and feel for the Rocketseed website

New website on multiple devices

We’re pleased and excited to reveal the new look and feel for the Rocketseed website. We hope you like it!

Just as we recommend our clients to regularly refresh their email signatures, it was clear to us that it was time to refresh our website. This has involved us introducing a new design, improving the site’s performance and, most importantly, enhancing the user experience – making it easier to read, easier to navigate and easier to engage with Rocketseed. As our CEO, Damian Hamp-Adams says…

“Our email signature solution is all about branding, simplicity, engagement and analytics, so it was only natural to enhance those qualities on our website too”

Here are a few highlights…

New Design.

We’ve created a cleaner, more modern look that better represents the Rocketseed brand. In addition to new email signature examples and easier-to-read text, you’ll notice some new graphic elements, including the background circles (Rocketseed ‘roundels’!) reflecting the centralised control and targeting capabilities you get with Rocketseed!

The best way to see the new design? Have a scroll through our homepage.

A laptop, iPhone, and tablet, all showing a Rocketseed email banner & signature on-screen.

Of course, making a website better isn’t just about a new look but making sure you get the information you need as easily as possible. That’s why our website now has:

Faster site speed.

We know you’re busy and every second counts. So we made it faster for you.

Modernised usability across devices.

As we mentioned in our recent digital marketing trends 2022 blogpost, mobile optimisation is key and our website is now easier to use on a wide array of devices and screen sizes (just like our mobile-optimised email signatures!)

Higher-profile content.

Our new site gives a higher profile to our blogposts and client case studies which we regularly update to keep you up to speed with digital marketing trends, and email signature tips and tricks as well as step-by-step use cases showing how our customers achieve great results with Rocketseed.

Simpler navigation.

We’ve streamlined the site navigation to help you find exactly what you’re looking for more easily – from signature management and marketing essentials to our latest blog content and case studies.

What’s next?

This is only the start and we’re committed to continually improving our website and adding new content, especially videos, to help you and your business get the most from our tool.

What do you think?

Have you had a scroll through our website? Do you like the new look? We’d love to hear your thoughts – you can get in touch with us here. And if you want to keep up with all the latest Rocketseed content simply sign up to our newsletter.

Jenny Bassett
Jenny Bassett
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Rocketseed 2021 Review & 2022 Focus

A birds-eye-view of a desk with a plant, open notebook and pen, with the words "SEE WHAT'S NEW IN 2022".

As we come to the end of 2021, we want to thank you for being a Rocketseed customer or partner. We couldn’t be any more proud of the overall business achievements this year and we wanted to provide you with a summary of where we are now and what to look forward to in 2022.

With so much achieved in 2021, it is obviously difficult to report on everything, so here are the key general business highlights for 2021, what to expect in 2022 and important Rocketseed product updates.

General Business Update 2021

  • We’ve seen exponential growth in our partner and reseller requests. In order to meet this demand we launched the Rocketseed ‘Star Partner Program’ and we are delighted to report that we now have over 30 transacting partners operating at an SME or Enterprise level across the globe.
  • We’ve re-built the Software development team from the ground up. As a business, we constantly aim for improvements to the product offering while simplifying its use for customers in every way we can. We had progressed well with our latest release but we didn’t feel that we were pushing the Rocketseed product forward enough. In that regard, we couldn’t be any happier to let you know that we are ready to deliver on two key areas in 2022 (see below for more info).
  • Our focus, as always, is you the customer or partner. Having completed a very successful ‘Super User Feedback Survey’ amongst our SME and large enterprise customers, we have put the findings to work in all our product road map and updates going forward.
  • How did we do in 2021? In summary, a strong year with 23% growth year on year. We have added over 70,000 new users globally.

What’s coming up in 2022?

  • Email Pulse: We are aiming to launch what will be the best business email user analytics tool in the world, giving users a full 360 degree view of what is happening with their email channel and the engagement it is achieving for them.
  • Rocketseed Cloud: BETA available for customers at the end of 2022. Big changes for users include further enhanced user interface, server infrastructure options with containerization meaning high availability and scalability. All of this will add to a faster and simpler experience for our users.
Rocketseed branded email on multiple devices

Product & Development 2021 and 2022


  • Feedback Loop: Having completed a successful ‘super user survey’, all the feedback insights have been placed into our development road map for the next 3 years.
  • Rocketseed Signature on Compose: This is now in beta allowing users to see their signature before they send if they wish. This is available from January/February 2022 for Office 365 users.
  • General User Interface: The UI responsiveness and speed has been significantly increased. Enhancing the user experience was something that was prevalent in the survey feedback. Having completed speed testing against competitors, we can now say with authority, we are one of the fastest GUI’s in the market and this will improve further with the emergence of Rocketseed Cloud next year.


  • Newly-created reports now show all signature & disclaimer hierarchy assignments, allowing large customers deeper hierarchy and greater scale. This has been very well received by our customers globally.

Branding Changes

  • Account statistics report performance has been vastly improved. We’ve enhanced the statistics performance which allows for partners or resellers to gain deeper analytics on their customers’ usage etc.
  • We now provide 7 signature layouts that users and resellers can choose, at the same time each reseller can create and manage their own unique layouts for their customers only.


  • Google & Azure Updates. A “Sync Directory Now” button has been added, enabling Rocketseed users to force a sync on the UI. This was the result of the feedback exercise earlier in 2021 with super users. If you update your active directory now, there is no wait time and you force a sync to run.
  • We’ve updated the Sync frequency mechanism to ensure that sync time limit is no longer bypassed. Now it is multi-threaded, speeding up the sync process.

In terms of the way we view our business, Rocketseed is more than just a product, it is a solution to a problem backed up by a ‘best in class’ brand that’s focused on delivering exceptional email branding with world-class customer service and support.

In that regard, from our perspective, it has been a very successful and innovative year for Rocketseed and there’s much more to be excited about in 2022! From our side, we know that next year looks to be the most bullish yet and we cannot wait to deliver on our brand promises!

Damian Hamp Adams
Damian Hamp-Adams  |  CEO
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How to resize logos for your email signature

A close up of a woman looking down at a laptop.

The size of your email signature is more important than you might think. There are tons of ways you can design one to optimise this small yet effective marketing tool.

One of the first areas to consider when creating an email signature is what are your audience likely to view your emails on. Email signatures differ when viewing on a smartphone or tablet compared to desktop email apps and it can completely alter the layout…

What’s the best size for your email signature?

Mobile email signature design size

Mobile devices are small so think about how much space your email signature will take up on the screen. To optimise your email signature for mobile, we recommend sticking to around 320 pixels wide maximum. Device screens are typically between 320 and 500 pixels wide, so going for the lowest dimensions will help to keep it looking sharp on all screens.

Desktop email signature size

It can be difficult to differentiate when choosing between optimising your email signature for desktop or mobile. The answer really should be both. However, if most of your recipients view them on desktop, use a signature of up to 600 pixels wide and up to 200 pixels high. If you want to reduce scaling issues from mobile to desktop or vice versa, opt for an email signature of 450 pixels wide.

Creating email signatures with Rocketseed eliminates this problem as our email signature software automatically renders your new signature at the correct size across all devices.

Optimum file size for email signatures

Email signatures should be a small file size, so they load correctly on the recipient’s email client. Anything too large may end up in spam. Keep the file size below 50kb but try to make it smaller if possible. 

How to resize a logo for an email signature?

The best way to avoid having to resize a photo for your email signature is to create your design in the optimum size that you want it to appear. Resizing your email signature, logo or image varies in different email clients. Some examples of how to resize your email signature image are below:

How to resize an email signature image in Gmail

1. Select Settings in the top right corner of your Gmail app then See all settings.

2. Scroll down to the Signature settings, there is an option to add or customise the existing format. (Gmail offers the ability to add an image or change the text style in this section).

3. To insert your image, go to the image icon in the toolbar. Here, copy the URL of the selected photo or insert an image from your Google Drive, or files.

A screenshot of the Gmail email composer, with a red square around the Picture and Link icons.

4. Once selected, upload the picture.

5. Resize the image by selecting small, medium, or large settings. You can also use the actual size if you have designed it in the optimum size.

6. Click Save Changes once you’re done.

A screenshot of the Gmail email composer, with the Rocketseed logo inserted into the text editor.

Looking for a professional email signature software?

How to resize an email signature image in Office 365

Outlook prefers images to be resized before you use them in an email signature. However, there are a few ways to get around it if you need to resize it.

Resize the image in the email message

1. Create a new email in Outlook.

2. Select the Insert tab in the options and click the Signature button.

3. Choose the signature you want to resize.

4. When the image has been inserted into the email, select the picture and drag the edge to adjust its size.

A screenshot of Outlook's email composer, with an arrow hovering over the Signature button and the Rocketseed logo inserted into the text body.

5. Once you’ve resized it, it’s time to copy the changes. Use ‘Ctrl + A’ to select all, and ‘Ctrl + C’ to copy it or ‘Command + A’ to select all, and ‘Command + C’ to copy it on Mac.

6. Go to Insert, Signatures, and in the Signatures and Stationery box, select the source signature.

7. In the edit section, remove the signature in this box and paste the new one in it.

8. Click OK to save changes.

A screenshot of a window titled Signatures and Stationary, with Rocketseed selected under Select signature to edit, and the Rocketseed logo visible in the text editor.

How to resize the logo by modifying the HTML file

1. Start by going to File and click Options.

2. In the new window, select the mail tab, and the Signatures button should be in the right pane.

A screenshot of a window titled Outlook Options, with an arrow hovering over the Signatures button.

3. In the pop-up window, you will see all your signatures. Signatures come in three formats – Text, Rich text, and HTML.

4. Right-click on the HTML option and select Open With Microsoft Word.

5. Your file will open in Microsoft Word. Select the picture and drag the edge to adjust its size.

6. Save any changes by pressing ‘Ctrl + S’ or ‘Command + S’ on Mac.

7. Close the file and reopen Outlook, and your new resized logo should appear in new emails.

By creating your email signature with Rocketseed you avoid these issues as there’s no HTML required at any stage.

When resizing any images for your email signature, be careful with quality. Low-resolution images may appear blurry or pixelated depending on the resize if not in the optimum format. Low-quality images will negatively impact you as a whole because of it, making you look unprofessional, so ensure that high-quality images are always a priority, especially when resizing. See our best email signature sizes guide for more email banner and signature best practices.

It’s essential for a professional brand image that your email signature displays at the right size across all devices. As you can see, re-sizing signatures and elements like logos can be time-consuming, and will your employees all get it right?

It’s far easier to get all your employee signatures sized right the first time with Rocketseed. There’s no HTML required and it’s compatible with all email clients including Office 365 and GSuite. You can update company-wide signatures centrally and our signature software automatically renders all your business email signatures at the right size across all devices.

Ensuring your email signatures are always professional and consistent doesn’t have to be complicated with the right tools and capabilities

Email Signature Management | Email Signature Marketing | Dynamic Email Banners | CRM Integration | Analytics & Reporting | Support & Service

Want to save time by sizing your signature the simplest way?

Need More Reviews? How to request (and receive) them with every email…

A row of six retro-looking microphones.

Reviews matter. They build customer trust, enhance your brand’s reputation, and boost your business’s ranking online. From purchase decisions to search results, reviews bring their own rewards.

Of course, you could just ask outright, in a dedicated email or a customer service phone call. But while it’s direct, doesn’t it seem a bit….pushy?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the army of brand advocates you need, without sounding ‘needy’? And even better if you could do it via an engaging addition to your business’s most used communication channel – everyday email.

With effective email signature marketing and banner campaigns you can. Requesting reviews via your email signature is recommended by software comparison and review site Capterra – and Rocketseed takes it further.

This short blog will show you how, by using interactive email banner campaigns, you can engage recipients to give you all levels of feedback, from running customer service surveys to nurturing brand advocates and generating reviews.

“How are we doing?” A single-click survey shows you.

It’s quick – just one click. Find out what customers think of your business – especially the service they’re receiving – simply by running a single-click survey banner on every email you send.

It gives you a good idea of what customers think of your business and lets you react accordingly…a review request and a possible up-sell message to your satisfied customers, or following up any less-than-satisfied ones personally to put the problem right. Find out more about Rocketseed email signature survey banners.

Rocketseed Tip:  Keep it simple. 3 options work well with a clear ‘Rate our service’ call-to-action.

Rate my Service

“Would you recommend us?” – Build brand advocates with a banner.

To capitalise on the positive responses to your one-click survey, a follow-up email (or simply the next email you send to that recipient in the course of business) can feature a brand advocacy banner, simply asking “Would you recommend us?”. Recipients clicking a “Yes” are identifying themselves as perfect brand advocates who’ll write you glowing reviews…so now all you have to do is ask.

Rocketseed Tip:  With Rocketseed’s analytics tracking how many unique recipients receive these banners, recording the number of positive responses will give you your Net Promoter Score – a vital KPI for gauging brand advocacy amongst your customers.

“Please leave us a review” – Get customers writing…and rating.

The next stage is to ask your customers to write you a glowing review. Again an interactive email banner makes it oh-so-simple. Not only does the banner message do the asking but – in a single click on the call-to-action button – the recipient is taken direct to a review page to start writing, be it on your own website or a third-party review site such as Google Reviews or Capterra.

Rocketseed Tip

Add an incentive in the banner – anything from an Amazon voucher to a free cup of coffee – to make the reviewer even more engaged. Or, if you need your reviews in hurry,  create a sense of urgency by offering the incentive to the first 10 reviewers only.

An email banner with the message "How are we doing? Leave us a Capterra review today..." and a "WRITE REVIEW" button, next to a photo of people holding up cutouts of speech bubbles over their faces.

Email signature marketing and banner campaigns are a simple, more subtle way of getting the reviews you need to boost your reputation and ranking. But you need the right email signature software and service. You need to be sure that your banners are

  • designed on-brand and feature a clear call-to-action
  • can feature multiple interactive buttons
  • can be targeted to reach the right recipients
  • can track all report all clicks
  • can automate triggered responses and alerts

With Rocketseed you can do all this easily and, if you wish, we can manage it all for you. It’s another reason why Rocketseed is loved by marketers and trusted by IT.

Talk to us today about generating survey feedback and customer reviews from every business email.

Jenny BassettJennifer Bassett |  Global Marketing Director
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7 ways a personalised demo ensures you choose the right email signature solution

A close-up of a man sitting behind a laptop, with people either side.

So you’ve decided your business needs new email signatures. If your business is just you, then maybe it’s not the biggest decision you’ll ever make, but if there’s 50, 100 or 1,000 people in the business then suddenly the decision (and the risks) become bigger – especially when you think the new signature is going to appear on every email they send.

So…no pressure…but you’ve got to get it right.

You can’t afford to make an expensive mistake – not just in terms of your investment, but also potential disruption to your IT, damage to your brand image and missed marketing opportunities. So wouldn’t it be nice to talk to a real person (it might even be me!) about your exact email signature requirements or, even better, have them show you exactly what the right email signature solution can do for your business .

At Rocketseed we always give you a demo to help you decide. Here’s 7 reasons why…

1.Meet your exact requirements

What exactly are you looking for in an email signature solution? Great design? Brand consistency? Legal compliance? A new marketing channel? Stress-free tech set-up? Whatever it is (and whether you’re in IT, marketing, HR or sales), we take the time to understand your exact business requirements and ensure that you get the right solution from our Rocketseed plans.

2. Remove any risk

While some “self-service” signature providers make it sound oh-so-simple, what they don’t tell you could result in a nasty surprise later (with no support from them to help you sort it out). For example, is there a risk of your email signature images getting mangled on mobile devices? With mobile-optimised Rocketseed they’ll display perfectly on every device.  In a Rocketseed demo, we’ll show you everything you need to put your mind at rest.

3. Realise the full potential

Chances are, email signatures can do more than you think. Sure, they can update employee details automatically by syncing with Active Directory and drive traffic to your website and social channels, but did you realise you can also run precision-targeted, interactive banner campaigns through them? Or that these campaigns can be integrated with your CRM and send real-time click-alerts to your sales team? In a Rocketseed demo, you’ll see the full potential of email signatures and how they can become your new hero marketing channel.

4. See it in action

Want to see how your brand might look on a new signature? Or how the interface gives you company-wide control? Or maybe explore the reporting and analytics that show how recipients are interacting with your signatures? Well, you can – it’s all in the demo! You’re in control, with a hands-on opportunity to experience Rocketseed in action!

5. Talk tech

You need an email signature solution that’s simple to set-up, 100% secure and stress-free for your IT staff. That’s why we talk tech from the outset. Rocketseed is optimised for Office 365, G Suite and Exchange, with a range of installation options dependent on your server type – on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid. We’ll talk you through exactly how it works.

6. No obligation

Of course there’s no obligation, and there’s no hard sell. So if you need time to think it over, discuss it with your team, or maybe it’s not quite the right time yet for you, that’s no problem. When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll be ready to make it happen!

7. Ask away

We never finish a demo until we’ve answered all your questions – whether you’ve got 1 or 21! And if you think of anything afterwards, just drop us an email, give us a call or take a look at our videos, one-pagers and tech pack.

Ask away Make the right decision – book a demo!

If you’ve got to make the decision on your business’s new email signatures, don’t do anything until you’ve had a Rocketseed demo. It only takes 20 minutes, there’s no obligation or hard-sell, and booking it couldn’t be easier….just click the button!

Laszlo Ujj

Laszlo Ujj  |  VP Client Solutions
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You’ve got a great business. So why haven’t you got a great email signature?

A child wearing a flying hat and goggles makes a fist and looks up at the sky.

We see them all the time. Emails from professional people at top-brand businesses that sign off with email signatures that leave us exasperated – distorted logos, off-brand fonts, empty fields, missing images (just little red corner crosses) and nothing to engage the recipient.

Don’t let your email signature be the weak link in your business. You and your employees deserve better. Need convincing? Here’s 5 good reasons why…

You’re a professional (so why don’t your email signatures look professional?)

You didn’t choose your company logo from clip-art, so why settle for a one-size-fits all email signature template? There are many ways an email signature can make you look amateurish: off-brand fonts, empty fields and cluttered layouts (do you really need to mention every award?). It might be a cliché, but first impressions really do count and for your email signatures to make an immediate professional impact you need a professional design. Rocketseed’s expert email signature designers work with your brand guidelines to create a bespoke professional email signature template for your business that displays perfectly on every device.

You’ve got a great brand (so why aren’t your email signatures consistently branded?)

Your brand is far more than just your logo, it’s consistent set of values you deliver at every customer touch-point. Even once you’ve got a professional email signature design in place, it’s vital that it’s rolled out consistently on every employee email across your business. And the only way to achieve this is by having centralised control. We give you centralised control so you can update all your employee signatures (whether that’s 10 or 10,000) company-wide at the click of a button. What’s more, Rocketseed signatures are totally tamper-proof so it’s impossible for any employee to get ‘creative’ with their own signature independently.

A laptop, iPhone, and tablet, all showing an IDM email banner & signature on-screen.

You want real marketing results (so why are you missing out on a ‘hero’ marketing channel?)

An interactive email signature creates so many engagement opportunities. Consider the numbers for a second. The average employee sends 1,000 emails a month, with an open rate of 99%. That’s a lot of opportunities for their email signatures to drive visitors to your website, document downloads and social channels for very little investment. Add a compellingly clickable call-to action and suddenly you’ve got a new marketing channel to promote everything from exclusive offers to ebooks and events. And with Rocketseed every recipient click is tracked and reported.  Want to see a snapshot of your email signature marketing success? Here’s how

You need tech you can trust (so choose trusted email signature software that’s continually tested)

We get just as many enquiries from IT managers as we do from marketers, so we understand the IT challenges that email signatures can cause. We continually test our tech to ensure that email signatures render correctly on the broadest range of email clients and mobile devices. Our SMTP relay makes Rocketseed simple to set up (unlike plug-in solutions, there’s no need for every user to download their software to set up their signature) and integrates with Active Directory so that any changes to employee details will update in their signatures automatically. Using Office 365? Find out the answers to the 7 key questions IT managers ask about Rocketseed email signatures for Office 365 here.

You give great customer service (so shouldn’t you expect the same from your email signature provider?)

You know the difference great service makes, but somehow people don’t associate service with email signatures. Perhaps it’s because so many email signature providers’ service stops straight after set-up. Not Rocketseed. We give you full training on the Rocketseed interface, provide 24-hour technical support with a real expert to speak to, and give you an Account Manager who will work with you to make sure your email signatures are on-brand, engaging and achieving real results for your business. Want to know exactly what our Account Managers can do for you? It’s all here.

It’s time to sort out your email signatures… so let’s talk

A great business like yours deserves a great email signature – professional, on-brand, engaging, with tech you can trust and great customer service – just like your business. To get your new email signature started, just upload your current signature or send us an email with it on, we’ll give it a quick review and then we can talk.

You’ve got a great business – it’s time you got a great email signature.

Jenny BassettJennifer Bassett | Marketing Director
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Rocketseed Launch Brand New User Interface…

7 people sit in a row at a table, each wearing colourful clothing and holding a tablet or smartphone.

7 ways Rocketseed’s new interface will make email signature management easier…

You’ll find it easier than ever to manage your email signatures and banner campaigns…with the new Rocketseed interface.

In designing the new interface to make email signature management simpler, we’ve listened to our busy users. The elements you love, we’ve kept. The elements you highlighted for improvement, we’ve improved. The result? An easier, clearer, more intuitive, customised user experience, focused on achieving even better email signatures and banner campaign results for you.

So, what’s new?

1. See your stats in a single screen snapshot

With the new interface, as soon as you log in, you’ll see a single-screen snapshot of your campaign success. Our new reporting dashboard shows your statistics for the last 7 days highlighting all the performance metrics that matter, giving you clear actionable insights to run data-driven campaigns and achieve even better results.

Statistics in last 7 days

2. See the difference with our cleaner, clearer (and more colourful) new look

They say looks aren’t everything but our ‘new look’ interface makes a big difference. Everything’s been refreshed to be cleaner and clearer and we’ve injected more colour so that calls-to-action stand out and help boxes catch your eye at the just the right time to make things run smoothly.

3. Find your way intuitively to using more functions

It’s not just about looks, we’ve made the interface more intuitive. We’ve moved the main menu from the top to the left-hand side to make better use of wide screens, and the menu content has been simplified to make it easier for you to use all of the available functionality. And by using the new ‘hamburger-style’ collapse menu buttons throughout, you can keep your view clean, clear and compact.

A home icon, cog icon, address book icon, envelope icon, and graph icon stacked in a column.

4. Enjoy enhanced user-friendly functionality

Don’t worry, we’ve kept all the functionality you know and love and increased its user-friendliness with some exciting additions. For example, with the new interface you can select a predefined email signature template with an intuitive editor to customise in line with your brand guidelines.  There’s a range of layouts to choose from, all tested to render correctly on all major email clients and mobile devices, to give you the best results possible.

5. Populate fields right first time with ‘pop up’ help boxes

With new pop-up help boxes on the email signature sender page, you can easily see what is required in each field. And because this is the content that will populate your email signature, it’s crucial that the information is correct. This way you’ll get it all right first time!

6. Feel completely secure with improved system software

We take our system software and your security extremely seriously, so interface updates include (tech bits ahead…) updates to the Operating System (Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04), the Database (PostgreSQL from 9.3 to 9.5), the Content Management System (Drupal from 6.42 to 7.61) and the Mail Transfer Agent (Exim from 4.82 to 4.86_2).  The Apache web service has also been replaced with the more robust Nginx

7. ‘How to…’ help is always at hand

To accompany the new interface, we’re producing a full suite of 2-minute ‘how to’ videos along with ‘one-pager’ support documents and, once your account has been upgraded, you’ll also have the opportunity to join interactive training sessions. And of course, all the usual Rocketseed support will still be available – so don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

All Rocketseed users will be upgraded and, to keep Rocketseed at the forefront of email signature management, were always keen to hear your feedback.

Rocketseed’s new interface is on its way. Stay tuned.

Tracey AdamsTracey Adams | Managing Director

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